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PSPA Dance Co. Competes at ACT I

Judges Choice Awards

“Queen of Turns” – Paquita – Grace

“Terrific Texture” – Sunglasses

“Picture Perfect” – Phoenix Rising – Samantha

“Fabulous Focus” – Wait

“Future Pricipal” – Copellie – Claire B.

Entertainment Awards


Choreography Award



Ellie – La Dance Magic convention scholarship

Kelsey – Empower Summer Intensive

Zina – 5 class card to Tmilly

Grace – La dance magic summer intensive

Skylar – Tmilly class card

Miyu – Be Discovered intensive

Elite Awards – 290 or higher


Kitri – Grace

What’s love Got to Do – Grace

Queen of Dryads – Brianna

Iris – Brianna

To Be Continued – Mirai


Zero – Leona

Coppelia- Claire B.

Title Awards

Senior Title Grace

Junior Title Ellie

Jr 1st runner up – Skylar

Jr 2nd runner up – Jaelyn

Teen 1st runner up - Zina

Senior 2nd act Solos

Top ten

1st To be Continued- Mirai

4th Kitri - Grace

7th Iris – Brianna

Teen 2nd Act Solos

1st – Coppelia – Claire B.

3rd Zero – Leona

6th This Girl – Dakota

7th Paris – Kharianna

8th Work Song – Kelsey

9th Greatest Star - Zina

Junior 2nd Act Solos

Top 10

1st Paquita – Samantha

3rd Canned Heat – Ellie

4th Flames of Paris – Malaya

6th Let’s get loud – Jaelyn

7th How to be a Heartbreaker- Skylar

8th Paquita – Elodie

10th Pumpin Blood – Karina

Senior 2nd Act Small Groups

Top 3

2nd Sadly Sighing

Teen 2nd Act Duo/Trio

Top 5

4th Upside Down

5th Breath Me

Teen 2nd Act Small Group

Top 5

1st Wait

4th Clap Your Hands

Teen 2nd Act Large Group

Top 5

2nd Sunglasses

4th Mulan

5th Ruckus

Junior 2nd Act Small Group

Top 3

1st Rhymes

2nd Home

3rd I am the best

Junior 1st Act Small Group

Top 10

8th Circus

9th You Better Work

10th Free

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