PSPA Financial Policy 


Tuition must be paid prior to taking a class. Unpaid students will not be allowed in class. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. You may take a make-up lesson within 30 days if you miss a class.  Currently, all makeup lessons must be on zoom. Absolutely no in person makeup lessons.

There are 36 weeks in the regular PSPA school year. We do not charge for the weeks that we are closed.



A valid credit card is required to register. We require that every account be set up for automatic billing.  You will receive a statement at the end of each month between the 15th and the 20th. Credit cards will be charged during the first week of the month for any fees due. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Monthly Tuition includes 4 weeks of classes and is due in 3 installments each session. Monthly installments for the Winter Session are due on Jan 1st (covers classes held from  January 4 -January 31) , Feb 1st (covers classes held from February 1 – February 28), & March 1st (covers classes held from March 1 – March 28).



We will NOT be accepting single class payments for in person classes. We must keep class sizes low. Due to this fact, you must commit to monthly payments in order to sign up for an in-person spot.



Class cancellations must be received in writing (email preferred) by the 15th of the month to cancel your enrollment in the class. Cancellations received after the 15th will go into effect during the following billing cycle. IE: If we receive your cancellation on the 16th of September you will be charged for October and your enrollment and tuition fees will be cancelled starting in November.



We will have 3 types of classes this fall.

  1. In-Person (limited availability and small sizes)

  2. Online through Zoom

  3. Hybrid (Hybrid classes: Some students will enroll to attend in person at the studio with the teacher. Additional students can enroll and take the same class via zoom from home.

  4. If we have large in person requests for a particular Hybrid class, we may decide to split the class so half take in person and half on Zoom and switch each week.  You will be notified if we wish to offer you this option.


Makeups must be made within 30 days of absence.

Make-up lessons must be taken on zoom.

Due to the current state and local regulations, we cannot accept in-person make-up lessons. You must be enrolled in the current session to take a make-up class.

There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

If we must cancel an in-person class, you will be offered quality instruction over zoom.

All classes must be prepaid.




Adult Discount

Students 18 years old and up will receive a discount in the form of our Adult Rates. Please see the adult fee schedule. Pre-paid adult rates can be used for all classes.


Family Discount

5% tuition discount for 2 or more students

**No family discount for Adults**



PSPA team members will receive a 5% discount on class tuition fees.

Last updated August 2020