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Act I Talent Competition Results are in!

We had such a great time at Act 1 Talent this weekend. Thanks Act 1! We are so proud and thankful to have won the Studio Spirit Award this year. Great work pspadance families!

The results are in!

Here are the overall awards and highlights from Act 1 2018

PSPA WON THE 2018 STUDIO SPIRIT AWARD! Great work everyone!

Title Awards Dakota - Junior Miss - Runner up Cheridan - Teen Miss - Winner

Scholarship Winners Brianna – Ash Convention Cheridan – LA Dance Magic Convention Samantha – LA Dance Magic Final Cut Zina – NextGen Convention Leona- New York Convention

Judges Choice Awards Kelsey- Strong Focus Maddie – Genuine Performance Dakota – Elegant Poise Alive – Technically Sound Lazy River – All of the Details Olds Friends – Precise Placement Bad Dream – Storytellers Wings - Sassy Diva's

Choreography Award Oop’s – Ms. Jojo and Ms. Marie


Small Group 1st Act Division Petite Remains of the Day –4th place overall

Small Group 2nd Act Division Junior Give me your Love – 5th place overall Teen Our Eyes – 2nd place overall Oop’s – 4th place overall Help Me! – 8th place overall

Large Group 2nd Act Division Junior Bad Dream – 1st place overall Old Friends – 3rd place overall Teen Swimming – 4th place overall

Super Group 2nd Act Division Junior King of New York – 1st place overall a Duo/Trio -1st Act Division Junior Grow – 10th place overall Teen Moses Supposes – 3rd place overall

Duo/Trio – 2nd Act Division Petite I Will Survive – 1st place overall Junior Unbroken – 2nd place overall Wings – 3rd place overall Teen Lazy River – 1st place overall Bell – 2nd place overall Alive – 4th place overall

Solo 2nd Act Division Junior Marathon in Roses – 2nd place overall Garden Waltz – 3rd place overall Pretender – 4th place overall Lovely – 5th place overall Teen Unforgettable – 1st place overall and Elite Award Madness – 8th place overall The Life of the Party – 9th place overall Your Day Will Come – 10th place overall Senior Until we go Down – 4th place overall

What a wonderful weekend at KAR! Shout out to all of our dancers and dance parents. We were thrilled to have shared the stage with all of the wonderful studios that attended.


King of New York


“Outa this world” Help Me!

“Artistic Movement” Swimming

“Classic and Crazy” Carnival of the Animals

“Faces to Die For” Remains of the Day


King of New York

Scholarship to KAR Convention


Scholarship Pulse Convention

Lazy River


9-11 Solo

2nd Lovely

9th Ava K.

12-14 Solo

1st Lucia

8 and under Duet/Trio

5th I Will Survive

9-11 Duet/Trio

3rd Wings

12-14 Duet/Trio

1st Moses Supposes

2nd Alive

9-11 Small Group

8th Give me your Love

9th King Creole

10th Jump Up

9-11 Large Group

1st Old Friends

2nd Bad Dream

9-11 Line

1st King of New York

12-14 Large Group

1st Carnival of the Animals


9-11 Solo

10th Dakota

12-14 Solo

4th Brianna

9th Cheridan

9-11 Duet/Trio

4th Unbroken

12-14 Duet/Trio

1st Lazy River

12-14 Small Group

8th Oops

9th Help Me!

10th Our Eyes


4th runner up – Dakota

7th runner up – Leona


7th runner up – Cheridan

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