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PSPA Dance Company

PSPA Dance Company was created by Marie Sperber and Tita Boulger to provide a diverse array of learning and performance opportunities for our students. We are devoted to our students and strive to grow artists with a true love of dance. We encourage our students not to compare themselves to other dancers but to be inspired by what other dancers have to offer. 

We use dance competitions as a tool to increase stage time and benefit from the constructive criticism that dance competitions provide. Each year, we attend one or more dance convention(s) to further our education and expose our students to new teachers, styles and creative concepts. We attend 2-4 regional competitions per year and many of our students will be invited to compete at a national competition as well.  

We believe in training dancers to be well rounded in multiple styles as their success in the dance world depends on it.  

At PSPA Dance Company, dancers will learn self discipline, how to work as a team, and how to utilize acquired class technique to support their artistic integrity. We all support our fellow dancers and teachers with the utmost respect and celebrate what can be achieved with hard work.  

What parents are saying about PSPA Dance Company

"We had a great time at the competition today.  Thank you for your hard work! I thought you'd like to know about "the magic" that occurred... It was awesome!"

- Christy

"Thank you, Marie, for such a great day yesterday.  As it was our first competition, I wasn't too sure what to expect.  But I was so happy to see all of the positive energy.  You have such a gift to build the girls up so that they feel really good about their performance.  Thank you for your kind way of speaking to the girls.  Our dances were so good.  The costumes were beautiful and the choreography so pretty and upbeat.  My daughter hasn't stopped talking about the competition.  I am so proud that my daughter gets to learn from you and that we are part of PSPA." - Kathie

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