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PSPA Competes at Tremaine

We had a wonderful time at Tremaine this past weekend! We saw so much personal growth, we got to see so many of our friends from other schools and we left inspired for what is to come.

Fly Right - 1st place in Junior duo/trio tap and best showmanship

Stepsisters Lament - 1st place in teen duo/trio musical theater

Comfort Zone - 1st place teen duo/trio tap and high score of teen duo/trio

Bitter Earth - 1st place teen duo/trio lyrical

Such Great Heights - 3rd place senior solo contemporary

Glow - 2nd place junior line jazz

Sand - 3rd place teen group open

Well, get it - 4th place teen group hiphop

Far far - 4th place teen group lyrical

Dance to the music - 4th place teen group jazz

Jurassic Ballet - 1st place teen line ballet

Don’t Kill My Vibe- 2nd place teen line lyrical

The upside down - 3rd place teen production open

Rocking chair 4th place senior group contemporary

Congratulations to all our our students at the scholarship auditions!

These wonderful dancers made it to the finalist round of auditions.. Junior - Skylar, Samantha, Ellie, Kelly Teen - Jenny, Kharianna, Leona, Zina, Sienna, Dakota Senior - Kelsey These wonderful dancers received scholarships! 1 time convention scholarships - Ellie, Kelly, Samantha, Zina Year long Scholarship - Leona

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