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YAGP Award Results

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Congratulations go out to our 13 dancers who participated at YAGP this weekend.  Everyone worked so hard and improved by the process. 

As Karine Plantadit reminded us all, You are all winners for having put in the time and effort to reach the level you have and dance in this competition.  But in a competition there are always announced winners so here is the result of the scores.

Pre-competitive Classical Category:  Top 12:  Mai Ishiyama and Samantha Striplin. 

Second Place Award: Samantha Striplin

Junior Classical Category:  Top 12:  Hannah Sheriff, Jackie Lane, Claire Buchi

Junior Contemporary Category:  Top 12: Claire Buchi.  Second Place Award: Claire Buchi

Senior Classical Category:  Top 12:  Eleni DeLucie

Special Award to PSPA for Outstanding School 2020

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