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PSPA scores at YAGP

At YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) Los Angeles we had 19 incredible dancers compete with ballet and contemporary variations.

Outstanding teacher award for the Faculty of Peninsula School of Performing Arts January 2022

Special Congratulations to our top scores: Pre-Competitive Division: Top 12 Contemporary: Arabelle Lee Top 12 Classical Division: Jaelyn Oh 2nd Place Classical: Elodie Paterson Junior Division: Top 12 Classical: Malaya Paterson 3rd Place Contemporary: Mai Ishiyama 1st Place Classical: Mai Ishiyama Senior Division: Top 12 Contemporary: Jacqueline Lane 1st Place Classical: Jacqueline Lane

After the awards

Also this weekend PSPA placed at Youth Ballet Masters

Samantha and Eleni, pictured above, take home awards from youth ballet masters.

Junior Division: 1st Place Contemporary: Samantha Striplin 1st Place Classical: Samantha Striplin Overall High score: Samantha Striplin Senior Division: 1st Place Classical: Eleni DeLucie

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