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Prix de Lausanne 2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

It was so exciting to accompany Jacqueline Lane and her family to Prix de Lausanne in Montreux Switzerland from January 31 to February 6, 2022. Jackie was chosen by video audition from nearly 400 submissions from around the world. Seventy dancers, ages 15-19 were chosen to represent their countries. All the dancers were reminded many times that they were all winners to have reached this week to be seen by 9 international judges and company directors. It was like the Ballet Olympics.

From left to right: Jackie being coached by Monique Loudieres, meeting and eating with friends from all over, TV listing of Jackie's call to stage.

They were watched for 5 days in classical ballet classes, contemporary classes, and coaching for both classical and contemporary variations. Then they were judged in their performances at the semi finals. Twenty dancers were chosen for the finals and 7 dancers were given prizes to study at the ballet school or company of their choice. In addition all 70 dancers were able to speak with directors of many international schools and companies, and some were offered places to further their studies of ballet.

From left to right: Jackie with Hyo Shimizu from Australia and Anna from Panama, a beautiful view of Switzerland, Jackie with Anna from Panama and Chase Hanson from USA.

Jackie listed an interest in School of the Hamburg Ballet-John Neumeier and the Deputy Director of the school, Gigi Hyatt, asked to meet with her. We were all excited to learn they are offering her a place to study at the 7th level at the Hamburg Ballet School. Her class would consist of 15 dancers, male and female, and include classical and contemporary classes and repertoire from the company, Hamburg Ballet - John Neumeier.

Jackie will visit the school for a week in March and make a decision as to whether to continue her studies in Germany. What a great opportunity for an aspiring young dancer.

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