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Laura Whitesides

Ballet, Acro, Tap, and Jazz

Laura Whitesides has been teaching dance in the South Bay area for 15 years. She received her training at Ballet Pacifica with Louis Carver, Jimmie De Fore Dance Studio with Jimmie De Fore, Dupree Dance Academy and Edge Performing Arts Center.
Her dance career has taken her to several states and countries abroad including international tours in Italy, Germany, and Japan. She performed and toured as a real-life dancing Barbie for Mattel Toys.
She has choreographed and coached for local Cheer and Song tryouts, local events, and choreographed and costumed shows in Italy and Germany. She has also taught Ballet and Jazz workshops throughout the U.S. and also in Japan.
Laura also choreographs and conducts theme dance birthday/special event parties in the South Bay

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